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AHS Group, born in 2017 under the visionary guidance of Mr. Abbas Sajwani, has emerged as a trailblazing real estate developer and investment firm, not just in the UAE but across the world. Soon after, AHS Ventures was established in 2018, with a facilities management business that quickly paved the way for a plethora of successful forays into other areas of opportunity, all with the singular aim of elevating the lifestyles of residential communities.

AHS Ventures
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AHS Investments

AHS Investments was established in 2020 with the aim of generating wealth and value for its investors by investments in both private and public equities with a diverse variety of assets across various businesses and corporate organizations. Their extensive portfolio of diversified investments worth more than $150 million is evidence of their persistent dedication to achievement, innovation, and expansion.

AHS Properties

AHS Properties has redefined luxury living with a gross development value of $1.4 billion. Within a year, they achieved remarkable milestones, including selling three villas in Palm Jumeirah for $475 million and launching another for $45 million. They now lead the future of ultra-luxury market with new projects in Dubai Water Canal and Palm Jumeirah, totaling a gross development value of over $700 million. With the sale of three more villas for an astonishing $75 million and the launch of a new villa in Palm, the company’s GDP remains at an impressive $1.4 billion. AHS Properties has recently unveiled a breathtaking $45 million mansion in the Emirates Hills, ushering in a new era of opulence.

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The History Of AHS

With a focus on excellence, innovation, and impeccable service, AHS Group has grown to establish itself as a leading player in the real estate and development industry, delivering exceptional value to all its stakeholders and clientele alike.


AHS Group was established in 2017 with a clear vision for making a positive impact on residential communities.
The founder, Mr. Abbas Sajwani, lead the company with a passion for enriching people's lives.
AHS Group sought to inspire and empower individuals through its innovative solutions and services.


AHS Ventures was established in 2018 with a mission to transform the facilities management industry through innovation and excellence.
The company quickly achieved success in this area and expanded its focus to explore new opportunities for growth and impact.
AHS Ventures was and is driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a passion for creating positive change in the communities it serves.


AHS embarked on a journey of global expansion, marking a major milestone in its history.
The company's unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction enabled it to successfully establish branches and corporate offices across the entire GCC region.
AHS continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, inspiring its employees and customers to reach new heights of success and growth.


AHS Investments was established in 2020 with a clear vision for creating long-term value through a diversified portfolio of private and public equity investments.
The company's unwavering commitment to sound investment principles and rigorous due diligence has enabled it to build an impressive asset base of over $150 million.
AHS Investments is dedicated to identifying and supporting innovative companies and corporate entities that have the potential to transform industries and create meaningful change for society.


AHS Properties was founded with a bold ambition to create exceptional real estate developments that exceed expectations and enhance the lives of residents and communities.
The company's first projects, including 3 villas in Palm Jumeirah and 1 in Emirates Hills, set a high bar for quality, innovation, and design.
AHS Properties has quickly emerged as a leader in the industry, achieving numerous milestones and accolades in its first year of operation and inspiring others to pursue excellence and make a positive impact on the world.


AHS Properties sold three Palm villas for $475 million.
AHS launched a new ultra-luxury villa in Palm Jumeirah for $45 million.
AHS announced two new projects in Dubai Water Canal and Palm Jumeirah, bringing the company's total gross development value to over $550 million.

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