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The founder and CEO of AHS Properties: Dubai’s Ultra luxury market will reach the highest growth rate.

Abbas Sajwani said: “Dubai has witnessed a significant surge in demand for ultra-luxury real estate, particularly among cash buyers. This can be attributed to Dubai’s global position as a key commercial and financial hub, its advanced infrastructure, and the luxurious lifestyle it embodies.” He added, “There’s also notable diversity in the nationalities of cash buyers, providing greater flexibility to the market. We’re currently seeing interest from wealthy individuals from several countries, notably China, India, Russia, the United States, and Western Europe.” He emphasized that cash buyers are providing liquidity to the market, enabling developers to fund new projects and continue introducing more properties to meet the growing demand. He highlighted that the increasing influence of cash buyers has intensified competition among developers, urging them to introduce innovative new projects with exclusive features that cater to the buyers’ needs.

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